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  1. Becky Manes says:

    I think it looks great! Very easy to use and a really nice layout! I am glad to see it mobile phone friendly I use it and I love it this way! Keep up the goodness! :-)

  2. SHEILA says:

    Where do I find Bakeline?

  3. Deb Lewis says:

    Congrats to you Ross and happy holidays. When I think of you I still remember when you worked for us and got the speeding ticket going to the bank in Cleveland . I think you thought we were going to pay for it since you where on company time ;). Again my hat off to you for succeeding in your career!!!

  4. DEE RAY says:




  5. Nancy Figueroa says:

    I made you taco salad last night it was yummy Love watching you on the Buzz I never miss that show Also, I voted for you hope you got it.


  6. Charity Erickson says:

    I love watching you on the Buzz. My address is Le Center. I work as a nurse in Le Sueur. I am going to see you at the end of the night on March 26th in LeSueur at the Business Expo. The end if the night because I’m working in town till 7:30. Can’t wait to meet you!! You are so smart and I love your ideas.

  7. Brook Simpson-Sullivan says:

    You are a bright influence on me. I applaud the optimistic attitude you have. You inspire me to push forward despite my disabilities and my illness.
    I pay attention to your recipes on the news and always look forward to the new ideas you bring to the table.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.

  8. Lynn says:

    Hi Thanks for the shout out this morning on the Buzz.

    Lynns Cake and Candy Supplies

    6538 University Ave.

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