1. mary smith says:

    I’m digging the energy and ideas I see on Fox’s morning show. Love the glasses. Seems to me you are already ahead of the game by wearing what someone would wear in their 80’s. Bigger stronger. I used to wear sofia loren’s in the 80’s, so there.
    And probably will in my 80’s. Thanks for the ideas.
    Humbly Yours,
    Mary Smith
    a peasant

  2. Trin Gregory says:


    My 7 year old daughter, Lily, was home sick today and we got to watch your segment on the pine cone boughs. She loves crafting and she loved the pine cone boughs! That’s something we will definitely be trying in our house!

    Trin Gregory

  3. Stuart Smith says:

    Hi Ross.
    I watched your segment on patio seat cushions this morning but just caught the end. Where did you order your cushions from?

  4. Pam Alderink says:

    Hello Ross. We caught most of your morning segment on raised garden beds using locally crafted boxes. We did not catch where/who you bought them from. Please let us know.

    Thank you.

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