1. Shannon Mendes says:

    I am interested in ordering your plates for our shop.
    Please let me know how to open up a wholesale account.

    Shannon Mendes
    MG Home, Tampa

  2. Shawn says:

    I’d like to order some of your Luxe soaps for holiday gifts. The website appears to be under construction and unable to process purchases. Any other options?



  3. Sally says:

    A while back on kstp Ross told how to keep bake ware looking like new.
    Would like to know what he recommended.
    Enjoy seeing all the things he talks about.

  4. HI, Ross. I have purchased your faux bois dinnerware made in England. I do not see whether or not I can put the dishes in the dishwasher. Please let me know as soon as possible! THanks so much!! Karen

  5. james lott says:

    I am interested in purchasing your English chargers. I live in Kansas City. Who carries your plates here? Jim Lott

  6. Todd Miller says:

    How do we purchase this dinnerware? Please advise as we are working on a project.

    Todd Spencer Miller

  7. Bernie Wong says:

    Hi Ross,
    I recently purchased your Faux-bois breakfast cups and saucers at Star Provisions in Atlanta, now I’m hooked. Will you have more of it available? I am also extremely interested in the Danish Fern pattern.

  8. Jeni R says:

    Good Morning Ross –

    Not sure how to get in touch, but I would love to be alerted when you have another ‘Happy Hour with the Dead’ event so I could attend. Thanks much!

    All the best,

  9. M says:

    I’d like to purchase some glasses from your shop. When will that be possible?

    Thank you, M

  10. Jennifer D says:

    I placed an order last week, when can I expect it to ship. I would need it prior to Friday the 27th. Order was placed on the 21st. I live in the Minneapolis mn area.

    Thank you.

  11. denny says:

    Hey Ross, saw you on Fox9 this morning and wanted to get you a name for your iron works for your shells. Anchor Iron in Savage can do wonders with iron in any shape or size you want. The owner is Jim Roberts and no job is too large or too small. They specialize in wrought iron works and home decor. I don’t have a number but it would be worth looking them up.


  12. Nicolette says:

    Hi!! I am hoping you can help me. Iwas asked to help furnish treats for a grad party dessert bar. I asked the graduate what her favorite was and she said with a frown, “Special K Bars but we can’t because my sister is allergic”. I thought there has to be an alternative out there with a good recipe. My searching led me to you but I can’t seem to find your recipe that subs using sunbutter. Can you help me turn the graduates frown upside down? Thanks!!

  13. ruth says:

    hi Ross,
    I was watching you on Fox 9 this morning with the margarita recipes and meatballs and dips. Wow. You blew me away on these. I can’t seem to find them on your site or Fox 9. Can you help me? You are awesome by the way. I love seeing you on Fox 9.

  14. mantra plonsey says:

    Hello there, Ross!

    This is Mantra Plonsey from EnChroma wishing you a delightful Pride weekend from the Emerald City in Berkeley. Things here celebration-wise in the Bay Area are absolutely delirious as you might imagine. If you get this and have a minute, let me know what size EnChroma T-shirt you would like!

    I want to send you your gift soon with our sincere thanks for the honor of watching you see color live on TV. We got misty. Very misty.

    We have them in dark grey and (new!) black, with the four EnChroma primary color dots in red, green, yellow and blue. (Default: I’ll give you a couple days and if I don’t hear back I’ll go ahead and send you a dudes’ size Large. Good for sleeping in.)

    All the best, Mantra

  15. Ross,
    I am interested I carrying your faux bois dishes in our retail shop. Can you advise me on pricing and availability?
    We spoke once before about this, but since then we have built a big new store.
    Also, I saw red Christmas dinnerware. Is that available? Are there any other products we should be considering?
    Thanks for your response.
    Veronica McGraw

  16. Kelly says:

    Saw you on Fox 9 morning show, making Corn Salad. Ever since, i have been looking to find one of those yellow cob peelers you used. Can you email me and tell me where you bought it?

  17. Shelley Brown says:

    Had the chance to see you at Marilyn’s 15th Annual Tomato Contest today where you were judging and I was appearing as Klondike Kate 2015. One of the Royal Family’s guards told me that you are looking for a local blacksmith to do some custom ironwork. Just so happens that my husband is an accomplished artist blacksmith and fabricator. Would be happy to send you some photos of his work and get you his contact info.

  18. Faith says:

    Hi Ross,
    Could you recommend a good place to have my cuckoo clock repaired?

  19. Angela says:

    On Fox 9 morning show I saw you do an info piece on cuckoo clocks. When I tried to look up more info on I couldn’t find anything. Anyway, I have one that was purchased years ago by my mother in Germany. It fell off the wall one day and broke. I was wondering if you had any idea if it was fixable and if you had any idea where I could possibly take it. I don’t want to take it to any clock place. I want to make sure I take it to a place that is well versed in how to work on real cuckoo clocks from Germany. So unfortunately its been in a box because I didn’t know what to do with it. Hopefully you can help!

  20. Mark Vedder says:

    Hi Ross, my wife and i see you every day on 9 with your innovative food and lifestyle ideas. I left myself a note on something you mentioned you could use a few weeks ago and wanted to touch base on that. Give me a call or email me to see if I can help you like you help everyone else solve their daily issues. Have a great day.

  21. Betty B says:

    Ross – Can you tell me what’s in the Everything mix you used on the Kings H ham sandwiches? Is it available in any retail stores?

    Thank you !


  22. Betty B says:

    Happy New Year Ross !

    I was actually asking about the Everything(seasoning)Mix you used to sprinkle on top of the buns. My sister from Iowa was visiting when your recipe was profiled on Fox 9 and is interested in making the sandwiches for her card club.

    Thank you ! All the best to you in 2016 !

  23. Mary says:

    Hi Ross, my parents live in Texas and I love their Pondersosa Lemons and would like to try and grow a tree indoors in MN. I saw your clip on fox 9 last week and am wondering how many years does it take to get lemons if I buy the $20 bush you mentioned from Gertens.


  24. Mary says:

    I watched you on Fox 9 on Friday March 18th and you made a banana coconut bread and i can’t find the recipe on their site or yours, can you help a girl out?

  25. Razia says:

    Hi Ross,

    I ordered a lot of disco glitters the other week and still haven’t gotten anything yet. Do you know when I should expect them. Thanks

  26. Nancy Figueroa says:

    Help Last week you had a BBQ sauce with less sugar made in Mn. Will you tell me what is the name of the product — and where can I purchase it.

  27. Kay Kulics says:

    Ross, I enjoy your KSTP segments. However, I was disappointed yesterday in your “Copper” segment. It’s focus seemed to be on kitchen items only. Wish you would have shown MORE!

    I’m a BIG copper person and have decorated my home with copper items in addition to kitchen items. I wish I could attach some pictures of my home to let you see what I’m talking about.
    In my kitchen … Hammered copper farm sink, hanging Copper Hoop with copper pots, pans
    & utencils as well as jello molds on my kitchen walls, trays, teapot & spoon rest on
    stove top.
    Framed pictures, vases, candle holders and lamps.
    Entrance wall with a paint technique that looks like copper w/copper leaf outline
    Sound like a lot of copper? “Tastefully” done (of course, in my opinion) according to many comments I’ve received.

    Thanks for letting me know there are more things in copper than just kitchen items.

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