Essential Bakeware

April 19, 2012

Amazing bakeware is essential to any baker’s kitchen and I had looked for years to try and find a line that would fit my ever-changing needs.  I am so happy to have found a family-run company that is manufacturing commercial-quality bakeware for the everyday consumer.  I am even more happy to be able to offer […]

AUDIBLE – Verve, Re-Mixed & Un-Mixed

October 15, 2009

With fall comes more time indoors, and I like to have music playing to stimulate the senses. Enter Verve, Re-Mixed and Un-Mixed. Consider the classics like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughan mixed with groups like The Postal Service. For anyone who enjoys great music, these sessions offer different attitudes for the listener. What I […]

Autumn Table Idea

November 25, 2014

AUDIBLE – Mezzanine de l’Alcazar

May 26, 2010

Everyone has experienced the situation when planning their ultimate dinner party – what music should you play? Every aspect of the guests experience has been catered for, the menu, the drinks, the table settings and the lighting. The only thing that remains is to set the mood with the music. Mezzanine De L’Alcazar sets this […]

The Best Flour Sack Towels – December

November 15, 2009

Here is a flour sack towel embroidered with a Christmas motif. You can purchase this through me for $7 per towel. This makes a great holiday or housewarming gift. I swear by flour sack towels for my dishes – they work fantastic and leave my glassware lint free!

The Best Flour Sack Towels – Not embroidered

May 29, 2009

Next time you need to stock up on pricey microfiber rags or disposable electrostatic dust cloths, opt for flour sack towels instead. Flour sack towels outperform microfiber and disposable dust cloths for cleaning and dusting all areas of your home. They’re large, absorbent, durable, and (perhaps most importantly) cheap. What in the World are Flour […]

OLFACTORY – Fendi Uomo

September 1, 2009

I am a closet cologne fanatic, I do not even know how many I actually own. I have worn Fendi Uomo since it was first introduced in 1988. I would call it a signature scent of mine, I like wearing it for certain ocassions. Whenever I put on this cologne, the rich woods & spice […]

AUDIBLE – Vintage Chill, Summer

July 19, 2010

Fans of the first volume in Kriztal’s seasonal Vintage Chill series will not be disappointed with its second. Subtitled “Summer,” the disc desires to be your deck party chill music. In fact, it goes so far as to plan such an event. “Music for wine lovers!” its front cover sticker should scream. “Perfect for a […]

The Best Flour Sack Towels – Fruit Fancy

October 21, 2009

Here is a set of Days of the Week embroidered flour sack dishtowels that have a fanciful fruit motif with them. Set of seven is $49 –

VISUAL – Roy Fairchild-Woodard

May 14, 2009

I have heard people say you should only buy art as an investment or it should match the kon-tents of your room. I say forget about all of that and throw it out the window. Art should be purchased because it imbues a sense or feeling when you look at it. I do not care […]

Adirondack Chair

August 14, 2009

The Adirondack chair or Muskoka chair is a type of chair favored in rural, outdoor settings. The precursor to today’s Adirondack chair was designed by Thomas Lee in 1903. He was on vacation in Westport, New York, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, and needed outdoor chairs for his summer home. He tested the […]

Gilt Turkeys

January 3, 2015

Collecting – Deruta

March 21, 2010

Deruta is a hill town in the Province of Perugia [pe-roo-jah] in the Umbria region of central Italy. Long known as a center of refined maiolica/majolica [muh-yol-i-kuh] manufacture. Maiolica is highly decorated earthenware with a glaze of tin oxide. While mailoica is made throughout Italy, only mailoica manufactured in the hill town can bear the […]

Bamboo Container Gardening

November 25, 2014

Favorite Things – Bialetti Mezzaluna

May 19, 2010

I love this pizza cutter, it is by far the easiest one I have ever used.  It reminds me of the days when I used to make pizzas at the local restaurant in my hometown.  Interestingly enough, I always wondered if I would ever find one of these and it was an absolute fluke when […]

AUDIBLE – Paris Lounge

July 25, 2009

I became an instant fan of Paris Lounge years ago when my partner at the time was playing this in the background. He had purchased it while he was in Paris a few months prior and the first track ‘Hum Hum’ starting off with this telephone conversation between this man and woman. The vocals sound […]

Towel Terminology

August 29, 2009

When purchasing towels, thickness should not be your only determining factor. New fibers hitting the market are both lighter and more absorbent than traditional cotton. Some are made of natural fibers It is said that there is a new movement when it comes to big fluffy towels, people are having a downsizing mentality. New towel […]

Favorite Things – Bodum Travel Press

November 10, 2010

Leave it to Bodum to come up with the ultimate French Press for people on the go like me.  I think most serious coffee drinkers melt at the thought of a cup of coffee poured from a French Press.  This allows people like me to indulge in this decadence every day.  The Bodum embossed gripper […]

Favorite Things – Oxo Lettuce Knife

April 16, 2010

I love this Oxo knife and what simplicity it brings to my kitchen.  Developed to cut lettuce since when you cut lettuce with a metal knife it has a tendency to brown the lettuce, this eliminates that completely.  Making chopped or layered salads for later is a breeze now because my lettuce is no longer […]

Ironing 101 – cloth napkins

March 6, 2009

Now I know some people say ironing is a chore, I would tend to disagree. I find ironing to be relaxing and my perspective is it is all in how you do the task that makes a difference in how you perceive it. I recently entertained for forty people and decided I would show you […]

Collecting – Terrariums

April 23, 2010

Terrariums are fascinating eco-systems all unto themselves. They require very little maintenance and almost no watering. A terrarium is a collection of compatible plants grown in an enclosed, or partially enclosed, clear container. Creating a terrarium filled with ferns and other small plants is a practical and fun way to have a miniature landscape inside […]

Washing Shoes 101

April 29, 2013

Washing your shoes can be a scary task. I recall many horrified looks on my face after retrieving my own shoes while trying to accomplish this in the past. I believe to have come up with a simple way to make your shoes look almost brand new again without ruining your shoes. Remove the laces […]

Money Tree Bonsai

January 4, 2015


July 16, 2009

Topiary is the art of creating sculpture through the medium of clipped trees, shrubs and vines. I have been fascinated with the art of topiary as it combines gardening and art in one package. I started out many years ago with a small sphere which I trained an English Ivy on and my collection grew […]

The Best Flour Sack Towels – Kitchen Kitsch

May 3, 2010

If this doesn’t take you back to when you were a kid, then I guess I am dating myself. I only use flour sack towels to dry my dishes. It’s all I have used since I was a child and I guess I figured when I had to buy towels when I moved out on […]

Day Five of our Road Trip Across America – Fluid Movement

May 11, 2010

Day Five started off at The Plaza District in Kansas City.  For those of you unfamiliar with this area, to me it is reminiscent of Brigadoon.  I always feel like I have stepped into an imaginary world when I am at The Plaza.  A little unknown fact to most people is that Kansas City is […]

Constellation of Aries

March 31, 2010

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars. It represents offensive power and begins at the spring equinox. In Aries we move from the potential to the actual; from dormant to active participation. Desire, initiative, courage and action are words which best describe Aries. Personal traits of an Aries person are openness, […]

Cobweb Tiffany Lamp

August 19, 2009

As a collector, sometimes you covet an item that you know you will most likely never obtain and such is the case with this lamp. The Cobweb Tiffany lamp with flower mosaic base. I first saw this lamp 15 years ago and knew instantly that I wanted one. The one I saw was a reproduction […]

Favorite Things – Dacor Epicure Dual-Fuel Range

May 20, 2009

I have long been a fan of Dacorand its’ ranges. I know that people now prefer cooktops, but I would say I am a traditionalist at heart and like to have a range. The abilty to sear something and throw it directly into the oven to finish or pull something out of the oven and […]