Favorite Things – Rowenta Expert Iron

July 1, 2010

No job is too much for this powerhouse. I knew I was making a solid investment when I purchased this iron. Continuous steam generation for ironing shirts, pants and other linens beyond your imagination. This iron is even more slick because it allows you to add water while you are ironing if you see you […]

Favorite Things – Miele Capricorn Vacuum

November 30, 2010

This vacuum is without a doubt an investment into your home. I compare it to the people that finally buy a decent set of knives or cookware after they have gone through two or three sets and decide that if they would have purchased the better ones initially, they would still have it.  This is […]

Favorite Things – Breville Convection Oven

November 30, 2010

As soon as Autumn rolls around, my oven seems to go into overdrive and I never seem to have enough room, which is why I decided after months of research to take the plunge and purchase the Breville Convection Oven.  My reasoning came down to the value of what the product can do for the […]

Favorite Things – Cuisinart Slow Cooker

September 29, 2009

  I recently obtained the Cuisinart Slow Cooker after debating about it for a long time. I have a tendency to mull appliances over, read reviews and price shop. This kitchen staple is a must have for anyone that longs to have slow, simmered soups and stews paired with the wonderful aroma’s they provide your […]

Appliances – Miele LaPerla Dishwasher

May 20, 2009

I enjoy handwashing my dishes. Mainly because it gives me time with my daughter to talk, without any distractions and I also like the experience or process since it causes me to slow down. Most of my cookware needs to be handwashed due to the finish and I believe it is necessary to use Bar […]

Favorite Things – Dacor Epicure Discovery Dual Wall Ovens

May 20, 2009

  The wall oven. I think whoever invented this in its’ dual format should be sainted. How can you do a large dinner or holiday gathering without one and keep your sanity in tact. To me, it does not matter how many photo’s appliance manufacturers take of an oven with three or four racks, loaded […]

Favorite Things – Electrolux Icon Ice Machine

May 20, 2009

When it comes to ice, my household can never have enough. We always seem to be running out. Never again, now that Electroluxhas come out with the most fanstasic ice machine out there. They have designed an ice cube that not only is crystal clear due to a continuous water flow in the freezing mechanism, […]

Favorite Things – Sodastream

September 30, 2010

If you love bubbly water just as much as I do, then you have to stop and listen to what I am about to say.  I saw the SodaStream about a year ago in the form of The Penguin and thought this was one of those items I could do without – I did not even […]

Appliances 101 – Food Processor

June 11, 2009

  I know a lot of people scoff at the thought of owning a food processor. Most often times I hear ‘what do you do with it?’, or people with one say ‘I don’t make pie dough.’ I will readily admit that a food processor is not an appliance for the casual cook, unless you […]

Appliances – Electrolux Washer & Dryer

June 4, 2009

  Leave it to Electrolux to come up with an excuse to actually do laundry. Their front-loading washer and dryer with IQ Touch Controls are absolutely astounding. It even has a setting that will do a small load for you in 18 minutes. Keep that in mind the next time your child forgets to wash […]

Favorite Things – Tivoli Songbook

November 30, 2010

Music is a big part of my world.  I love to have it going on in the background, playing one of my various favorite lounge compilations, holiday playlists or shuffling my entire catalog.  I couldn’t hear a thing if it wasn’t for my Tivoli Songbook, with it’s portability and rugged exterior.  It travels with me […]

Favorite Things – Miele Oven

May 10, 2009

  When you do the amount of cooking I do, you have the opportunity to try out a lot of appliances. Which is nice because I think you should have the opportunity to test drive something before you make the purchase of this size. Yesterday I tried the Miele MasterChef Dual Wall Oven at Warners-Stellian, […]

Favorite Things – Miele 36″ All-Refrigerator/All-Freezer

May 20, 2009

Not all refrigerators are created equal, Miele can attest to that. When I was shown this refrigeration I was in complete awe and amazement. First off, I was blown away with the sheer size of these pieces. One would think you could fit the entire grocery store into these, but alas this is not possible. […]

Pressure Cooker Turkey Stock

November 27, 2009

  The thought of making homemade stock sends most people into orbit. The hours of simmering meat and vegetables, chilling it to remove the solids and then straining it seems like an unending, thankless chore. I have news for all you nay sayers – I have your solution… The Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker yet again […]

Favorite Things – Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

November 30, 2010

I can’t imagine my kitchen without the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker, it just simplifies my world.  From making potatoes in six minutes (even sweet potatoes for my Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie), to browning a roast and cooking it in 45 minutes or making home-made stock in an hour – this is definitely the appliance for the […]

Favorite Things – KitchenAid Waffle Iron

December 7, 2009

  If you have a passion for waffles as I do, then this is an investment worth it’s weight. The KitchenAid Waffle Iron is one mean waffle baking machine. It creates two Belgian waffles simultaneously. The concept of using the gravity when flipping with waffles around helps to assure that your batter spreads evenly inside […]

Favorite Things – Dacor Epicure Dual-Fuel Range

May 20, 2009

I have long been a fan of Dacorand its’ ranges. I know that people now prefer cooktops, but I would say I am a traditionalist at heart and like to have a range. The abilty to sear something and throw it directly into the oven to finish or pull something out of the oven and […]

KitchenAid Pro-line Burr Grinder

November 14, 2009

  This barista-quality grinder produces consistent, uniform results. The low-RPM operation reduces noise and minimizes frictional heat to preserve coffee flavor and aroma. Sometimes the beans get caught up in the upper hopper, so you have to jiggle it to get them to drop. I may be the only one that has this issue, but […]

Appliances – Dacor 30″ Dishwasher

August 6, 2009

  Did you know that Dacor has a 30″ dishwasher? This is the largest dishwasher you can find for your home on the market. Your standard dishwasher is 24″, and with the extra 6″ you gain 40% more capacity! That extra capacity will allow you to do less loads, saving you energy costs, soap, etc.- […]

Appliances – Dacor Epicure Ventillation

May 20, 2009

  Kitchen ventillation, when properly installed should help circulate the air in your kitchen – not make you wonder if you are standing next to a 747 jet engine. Expelling heat and odors is the core job of your wall hood, this Dacor did wonderfully but they also added some extra advantages that make this […]

Aluminum Cookware & Bakeware

March 23, 2010

I have had a lot of questions recently about the health concerns surrounding aluminum cookware. After doing research and talking with some scientists, I have come to the personal observation that I find not enough supportive evidence linking the use of aluminum cookware with Alzheimer’s Disease. I hope my thoughts below help to give you […]

Favorite Things – Dualit Kitchen Scale

May 26, 2010

I purchased my kitchen scale over ten years ago thinking it was a silly purchase and I would rarely ever use it. To the contrary it has become an integral part of my kitchen. I do not care for digital scales for two reasons. One, I do not have to worry about changing/replacing batteries (I […]

Favorite Things – Miele Mangle Iron

April 2, 2013

  If you own table linens like I do, then the Miele Mangle Iron is a must-have. Ironing tablecloths, runners and napkins becomes an effortless task with this machine. How can you complain when you get to sit down, feed the linens and it automatically irons it for you. I sit down and watch CNN while […]