Yeast Donut & Lemon Bismark French Toast

By Ross Sveback, March 15, 2013

20130315_093601Okay, I admit it – raised doughnuts are something I have to control. I do not make them because I know that I cannot stop myself from eating them all. I even avoid that section of the supermarket (sometimes…) in an effort to contain my passion for this treat. I figure if I make something out of them though, it’s not so bad. Why not make French Toast out of them? For this recipe I only did raised, sugared doughnuts and lemon bismarks, yet you can easily use apple fritters, deep-fried cinnamon rolls or any other type of filled bismark for that matter. You just cannot use doughnuts that are literally frosted – they must either be glazed or sugared (caster or powder). I also use Savannah Bee Honey to sweeten the custard since the doughnuts are so decadent, the honey cancels out any guilty feelings. Lastly, I always blend my custards in the blender to make sure the eggs become fully broken down and incorporated – it’s just what I do.

4 raised doughnuts or bismarks
6 eggs
1.5 c. whole milk
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbsp. honey (I use Savannah Bee)

Slice doughnuts in half and allow to dry overnight. This will allow them to absorb the custard.

Place a pan onto the stove sufficient to hold your French toast over medium heat and lubricate with canola oil (this is what will give you that nice crunchy crust) using a basting brush. Add roughly 2 tbsp oil to the pan to ensure you get good browning – too little oil will result in sticking and lack of color.

In a blender combine the eggs, milk, vanilla and honey. Pour into a shallow pan and place four of the doughnuts cut side down for two minutes, flip and let sit for an additional two minutes. Place doughnuts, cut side down first into the pan and cook for two minutes – flip and cook for an additional two minutes.

Repeat with remaining doughnuts. Serve with butter and dust with powdered sugar – enjoy!

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