Appliances – Dacor 30″ Dishwasher

By Ross Sveback, August 6, 2009


Did you know that Dacor has a 30″ dishwasher? This is the largest dishwasher you can find for your home on the market. Your standard dishwasher is 24″, and with the extra 6″ you gain 40% more capacity! That extra capacity will allow you to do less loads, saving you energy costs, soap, etc.- much less those holiday dinner dishes will be taken care of in no time. It can accommodate up to 20 place settings in one load.


This machine is so quiet, they installed a light that reflects onto your floor so you know it IS working and when the dishes are done. The beam will blink while the load is going and be solid when done – this is kon-tent I can live with.


Dacor is synonymous with quality, so you can rest assured you have a reliable brand in your kitchen for years to come. Dacor is a family-owned company, so they take great pride in their appliances and service. I highly recommend this dishwasher without any reservations to anyone in the market for one.
Find your local retailer at – they are the life of the kitchen…


  1. what i wouldn't do for any dishwasher let alone one with 40% more capacity. Growing up we would tell our mom that we needed a dishwasher, her reply “I have three dishwashers!” Oh well for now I just cook and my partner cleans the dishes…

  2. sara says:

    hey Ross do they have a small one you'd reccomend. I'm looking for a smaller dishwasher bc I usually just cook for 2.

  3. Ross Sveback says:

    Sure, they carry a standard 24″ with all those same bells and whistles.

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